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The Official Trailer for Robert Pattinson new movie The Batman came out yesterday.

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Johnny Depp is a ruthless and cunning Colonel alongside Robert Pattinson and Oscar-winner Mark Rylance in the historical drama “Waiting For The Barbarians”.

Based on the novel by J.M. Coetzee, the new trailer for the film sees Rylance as the unnamed Magistrate who reevaluates his loyalty to his country while assigned to a remote desert outpost with Colonel Joll (Depp). Joll arrives to help keep tabs on the so-called “barbarians” on the other side of the wall. Prone to terrorizing and torture, Joll has found an eager young officer (Pattinson) who is only happy to uphold his penchant for violence, leaving the Magistrate to question his loyalty to the empire.

Directed by Colombian filmmaker Ciro Gurrera, “Waiting For The Barbarians” premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year and will arrive on VOD on August 7.

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“Doesn’t us being here now mean it never happened?” John David Washington asks at the end of the new trailer to Christopher Nolan’s latest high-concept film, Tenet. While the trailer doesn’t necessarily answer that question, it does shed some light on some of what goes down in the latest film from the director who brought us Dunkirk, The Dark Knight, and Inception. John David Washington is catching bullets. Kenneth Branagh is doing a fun accent. And Robert Pattinson is crashing a plane. Not from the air, that would be too “ludicrous,” but it’s a pretty large plane. There’s one question bigger than any plane that has yet to be answered: When is Tenet coming out? While the first trailer said Tenet would hit theaters this July, this trailer has no date listed, probably due to the global pandemic. Even time travel can’t escape the coronavirus.


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Here is the new trailer for Robert Pattinson new movie ‘The King’

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